Our Solution


The creation of the circular economy enables the monetization of previously unrealized value of waste.

Waste Recycling

Recycling of waste unlocks the hidden value by reducing the use of precious resources, therefore directly reducing product cost, reducing environmental impact, fostering job creation and earnings derived from by-products such as green energy production in the form of biogas.

Under the current system, products that were produced thanks to resources such as labor, energy and raw materials end up in the landfills. This is as if the physical resources, time and energy that went into it's creation were thrown away after the end of a product’s life cycle.

Parallel Effects of Our Solution.

  • Good Sanitation

    Our Solution will help Better Hygiene, decrease Mortality Rate, protect Wild Life & promote Disease Mitigation.

  • Power Generation

    The Alternergy solution will also solve Power Efficiency Problems, Optimisation, Supply MGMT as well as Grid Balancing.

  • Effective Waste Management

    It will promote efficiency in Collection, Sorting, Recycling & Sourcing of Waste in the environment.

  • Easy Urban Planning

    It will make Logistics, Route Planification & Power GridContingency Planning easier like never before.!