Serkan Yildirim

Chief Operating Officer

Serkan is a seasoned engineer experienced in product development and project management from previously held positions in power generation and renewable energy.

A pro-active business-oriented technical leader with an entrepreneurial mindset, motivated by responsibility and progress, accumulated 15+ years of comprehensive experience within power generation industry ranging from fossil fuel-based technologies to renewable energy such as Solar PV, hydrogen and wind turbines.
My mixture of formal education and experience gives me a good understanding of the business models and value chains of different industries hence I understand complex situations and challenges within a short time thereby give valuable input and contribute to good solutions. My experience in developing an exceptional relationship with clients, suppliers, and internal stakeholders has played a key role in my career. I have gained valuable experience working with product management & development, project management of complex R&D projects, stakeholder management, industrialization, and commercialization of advanced machinery products as well as expertise in the advanced manufacturing process of high precision equipment.
As a person, I am intrinsically motivated to learn and adapt to the constantly changing conditions, and driven to solve problems to get the results, and I truly believe that the best long-term results come from great teamwork.