The Problem

The Problem is Garbage

Waste problems are huge and waste generation is ever growing all over the world. More people, growing consumption and inadequate waste management solutions are in many ways choking cities, especially in emerging markets. Plastic is the fraction causing the biggest problems, as it breaks down very slowly and pile up in oceans, nature and city streets.

  • The Statistics

    In 2016 the global annual waste generation was 2,01 billion tons, and without urgent action this will rise by 70% to a staggering 3,4 billion tons by 2050 (World bank: What a Waste 2.0: A global snapshot of Solid Waste Management to 2050).

    To give an idea of the scale, 2,1 billion tons is the same weight as about 110 million fully loaded school buses. 3,4 billion tons would be about 184 million school buses..

  • Our Action Zones

    Our primary action zone will be Africa in general and Accra, Ghana in particular. Accra is one of the fastest growing cities in the world and, although the numbers are uncertain, we estimate a daily generation of 5,500 tons.

    Only 2,500 tons are registered in official dump sites or collection centers while the remaining 3,000 tons end in places, like rivers, streets, gutters and the ocean creating all kinds of health and environmental problems for the people living in there and costing the local government an estimated 500 million USD per year.

  • Solving The Problem

    Solving the urgent problem of waste also allows us to tackle directly and immediately 8 of the 17 U.N Sustainable Development Goals. Alternergy is aiming to be a significant player in solving these problems.